As one recipient so simply expressed following her reconstructive surgeries to repair facial fractures received while in an abusive relationship, “I didn’t want to be a beauty queen, I just wanted to look normal.”

It was the plight of such individuals that inspired plastic surgeon Dr. Michael W. Niccole to establish the Magic Mirror Foundation. 

Dr. Niccole established the Magic Mirror Foundation in 1987. He is also the founder and medical director of CosmetiCare Plastic Surgery Center and MedSpa. Dr. Niccole was compelled to start the foundation after taking monthly, transformative trips with fellow physicians to Mexico and South America. The purpose of these particular trips was to provide medical attention to people who did not have access to care otherwise. The doctors attended to a wide range of conditions including: burns, cataracts, cleft lips and cleft palates.

But the overseas trips showed Dr. Niccole more than just medical conditions to improve. He saw his patients improve in self-esteem almost immediately following surgery. And he realized that those who had been suffering with their physical appearance (some for many years) were now unashamed and able to live better lives; thanks to the dedicated surgeons, clinical support team and volunteers who donated their time and skills to provide life-changing outcomes. “The smiles I saw said it all. These patients were beaming with confidence once they saw the immediate result. And that result was going to look even better in the weeks following their surgery”, said Dr Niccole.

Upon returning to California, Dr. Niccole knew that if he can make such an impact on peoples’ lives abroad; he could certainly make a difference for those in the U.S., as well.

Since establishing the Magic Mirror Foundation, Dr. Niccole has personally donated more than $1 million to the organization; in addition to the countless hours dedicated to surgical procedures performed and follow up care. Over the past three decades, the Magic Mirror Foundation has provided surgeries to thousands of patients of varying needs. From victims of domestic violence and bullying, to accident and trauma victims, those affected by breast cancer, or those living with a congenital deformity from birth; the foundation has stayed true to its mission: to help people in need.

But it’s not Dr Niccole alone who keeps the foundation’s mission in mind. There are several team members that make the surgical transformations happen for deserving recipients. This dream team includes:

Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, Surgical Technicians, Surgical and Recovery Care Nurses; as well as the support of the clinical nursing teams who follow up with each patient in the weeks following their life-changing procedure. And we can’t forget to mention that many of these procedures would not be possible without the support of those who have supported Magic Mirror over the years with their monetary donations, services donated, and hours dedicated as volunteers to help promote and assist in fundraising efforts and events.

Dr Niccole has always shared how the foundation not only has transformed many lives; but has also had an impact on his own life saying, “In one or two hours, I’ve literally changed someone’s life – physically and mentally. There’s no better feeling in the world.”

The Magic Mirror Foundation reviews applications once a quarter. It is an exclusive process for qualifying candidates who are unable to afford the cost of cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.

Child with cleft lip / Before & After
Child with extra digit developed at thumb
Child with ear deformity


Dr Michael Niccole
Devon Niccole
Penny Niccole
Frank Di Bella


Dr Michael Niccole
Dr Burr von Maur
Dr Brian Reagan


Penny Niccole
Melani Hurwitz
Amber Prokop
Kelly Dodd
Kaylen Morrison
Gretchen Houser
Andre Niesing
Tannaz Razavi

Below is just a sampling of quotes from patients who have benefitted from the help provided by Magic Mirror Foundation.

“People looked at me like I was a freak. It is difficult to explain to others what this felt like unless they’ve had to live with some type of defect all of their life.”

“I was living as a complete introvert. Surgery changed my whole life.”

“The kids used to make fun of me, call me names. I just wanted to be normal like the other kids.”

Magic Mirror Foundation


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Magic Mirror Foundation is a non-profit organization that maintains tax-exempt status under IRS Section 501(c)(3).


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