Magic Mirror Foundation


The Magic Mirror Candidate Application Form

The MAGIC MIRROR FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization established to donate cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to men and women in need who could not otherwise afford it. The purpose of this type of surgery and the MAGIC MIRROR FOUNDATION is to build up a person’s self image by improving their personal appearance.

Criteria: To become a candidate for the MAGIC MIRROR FOUNDATION, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Submit a signed and completed application from
  • Attach two photographs (front and side view) of the area on which you are requesting surgery. Photos must be clear and be taken within a three feet range
  • Verify income by enclosing copies of your most recent federal income tax return form for yourself and your household.
  • Demonstrate a strong desire to improve you life and have a very realistic understanding of how the surgery can enhance your appearance and increase your self-esteem.
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